Overtone Voices Academy was created by Iannis Psallidakos and his deep passion to share with the world the precious fruits that the practice of overtone singing offers him.

Iannis Psallidakos is an extended vocalist and voice teacher, member of the French association of singing teachers (AFPC - EVTA), as well as a Buteyko breathing instructor.

Born in Greece, Iannis originally studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and pursued a career as an architect, graphic designer, photographer, land artist, and ceramist. However, he always felt that there was something missing, a void in his life that he couldn’t quite identify.

It wasn’t until he discovered the world of overtone singing that everything changed. From the moment he began to explore the intricacies of this fascinating art form, he knew that he had found his calling. He became a student of the voice, studying with some of the most renowned voice teachers in the world, and he quickly developed a deep understanding of the human voice and its potential for healing and transformation.

In 2014, Iannis began teaching voice both in Greece and abroad, sharing his knowledge and passion with others in seminars and workshops in cultural venues, music schools, and conservatories. He became a founding member of the Tsak Bam Festival, a contemporary and spontaneous art festival, and collaborated with interdisciplinary groups of osteopaths, speech therapists, physical therapists, and structures such as:

– The I.M.E. Graçalou Institute for voice sessions with children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities and delays.

– The French non-profit organization Jeunesses musicales de France for overtone singing lessons for primary school students in France.

– The Centre Communal D’Action Sociale CCAS for teaching singing to vulnerable population groups.

– The Jacques Tati, L’Archipel and Hauts de Saint-Aubin cultural centres.

– The open university Université Populaire Albert Jacquard for seminars on overtone singing and sound meditation.

– The French public education within the Temps d’Activités Périscolaires for polyphonic singing courses in French primary schools.

Iannis’s commitment to his work is evident in his extensive studies and certifications, including “BUTEYKO CLINIC INSTRUCTOR” with Patrick McKeown and Buteyko Clinic International, “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” at the Paul Pyronnet Institut, “Chant, Voix et Corps” certified training with Emmanuelle Trinquesse, and “Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy” with Kenneth Bozeman and some of the most respected names in the field.

But it is not just his impressive resume that sets Iannis apart. It is his deep passion and dedication to sharing the precious fruits of overtone singing with the world. He has touched the lives of countless students, both young and old, with his expertise, and his warm and generous spirit.

Amidst a world that can often feel disconnected and devoid of significance, Iannis Psallidakos aspires to be a source of inspiration for anyone searching for their own unique path and purpose in vocal expression.

Certified trainings & Studies

(in chronological order):

– “BUTEYKO CLINIC INSTRUCTOR” with Patrick McKeown and Beteyko Clinic International
– “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” at the Paul Pyronnet Institut
– “ACOUSTIC VOCAL PEDAGOGY – Online course – Foundationals, theory and application” with Ken Bozeman, Ian Howell, Chadley Ballantyne, Bodo Maass / at the New England Conservatory
– “MASTERING THE MIX” with Robert Sussuma
– “Professeur de chant et de technique vocale – Chant Voix & Corps” Certified training with Emmanuelle Trinquesse
– “Techniques manuales pour le chant” with Jean-Blaise Roch
– “De l’oreille à la voix” with Daïnouri Choque
– “Music therapy: theory, practical applications and experiences” Certified training from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
– “Circle Songs” with Gaël Aubrit
– “Technique du Chanteur Moderne (TCM)” with Allan Wright
– “Training pro – Songs of the world” with Anna Andreotti, Marianne Feder, Craig Shaffer, Gulay Hacer Toruk / As part of “Training pro” of the Paris Philharmonic
– “Polyphonic songs of Africa & Ethno-Urban” with Anita Daulne
– “Sound resonance” with Iégor Reznikoff
– “Circle song & Improvisation vocal” with David Eskenazy
– “Indian Classical Song” with Parveen Sabrina Khan
– “Jazz Singing and Free Improvisation” with Jay Clayton
– “Lyrical singing and the Alexander method” with M. De Aranjo, P. Boulay and M. de Aranjo
– Certified “Analytical Musical Drama” training with Xanthoula Dakovanou
– “Overtone singing” with Anna-Maria Hefele
– “The voice is the muscle of the soul” with Ulrik Barfod of “Roy Hart Theater”
– “Polyphonic Songs of Epirus” with Xanthoula Dakovanou
– Mongolian-laryngeal song “Khöömei” with Johanni Curtet
– Human Voice with Spyros Sakkas
– Professional training in Cooperative games with “Alter Ego”